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While counselling often focuses on the ‘here and now’ coaching can open up areas of future direction. Our world can be confusing and complicated, and we can often find ourselves stuck, locked or held back by something we don’t fully understand, yet.

Whether it’s individual development, business direction and growth, leadership improvement or career advancement you’re looking for, through Coaching you can explore:

•Difficult life experiences that feel like a cycle is repeating and repeating

•Lack of career energy and directionConflict or friction between your colleagues, friends or family

•Feelings of not reaching your full potential and wanting more out of life Business, Leadership, Job advancement

•Current struggle to future choices goals and strategies

We employ a combination of resources and tools such as budgeting, narrative therapy, strengths based coaching, and motivational interviewing to name just a few.

​All sessions are 60 minutes and cost $100.

Stones of Meaning
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