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At A Sharp Mindset, we offer supportive counselling, coaching and conversations for all people including Adults, Teens, Children, Families and Couples.

(A Sharp Mindset also offer NDIS support for plan and self-managed clients.)

Our team have worked in the Jimboomba community offering support to children, youth, and families for over 25 years. We are passionate about:

  • All people having access to a safe space where they can discuss the things that really matter to them;

  • Parents being equipped for the task and trials of parenting;

  • Seeing the family unit strengthened;

  • Raising socially strong and mentally healthy young men and women;

  • People making mentally healthy choices and habits;

  • Respectful spiritual discussions. Jamie is a Christian with a solid and active faith, but does not force his views on anyone else. 

We have adopted a person-centred approach which ensures that we see people as unique individuals with valuable gifts, abilities, and contributions. At A Sharp Mindset, we believe that each person has the ability to set goals and work towards pathways that lead to success.

At A Sharp Mindset we are happy to support clients with GP referrals, however we cannot offer the Medicare rebate.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

In an Emergency!

If you’re in a dangerous situation where there is risk of significant harm to yourself or others, please call 000 immediately. 


A Sharp Mindset has counselling services to support people and families through many of life’s trials. Some examples include; loss of direction or motivation, grief- after the loss of family members or loved ones, navigating terminal diagnosis, disability diagnosis, court charges, job loss, family relationship break down, incarceration of a family member, times of high stress, depression or anxiety. This also includes working with families having difficulties, especially parents that have had children removed from care. 

Business Meeting

Adult Conversations and Counselling 

From time to time everybody experiences difficulties and challenges, but they do not need to control your life. A  Sharp Mindset provide counselling for everyday issues that people face including relationship conflict, difficulties at work, home, or in the community as well as discovering strategies for life transitions such as retirement and parenthood. 
Our aim is to help you explore, understand and manage issues that you are facing by setting goals, while encouraging and supporting you toward achieving them. 

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Working from Home

Online Counselling 

Sometimes face-to-face sessions are impractical. Covid quarantine and isolation can be hard times to navigate. Online counselling can be helpful in these times. Online counselling can also be an option for those who have struggle with anxiety, limited time, are health compromised, or simply live too far away. Online counselling can be arranged for any of these reasons and more.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)


Children’s Counselling

Children can have unpleasant or traumatising experiences including: bullying, friendship issues, anxiety, and parental separation to name just a few. Through counselling, children can develop another trusting relationship where they can share the complexities of their world, build resilience and develop skills that will help them navigate various seasons. Regular counselling with children can form mentally healthy habits of communicating through various seasons of change and development, helping set them up for future success.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Woman on Window Sill

Conversations with Teens

The teen years can be some of the hardest to navigate. Teens naturally start to explore other supports and reduce communication with parents. Providing healthy support is essential to navigating this teen season. Support for teens first starts with trust. Creating a safe place for them to explore what matters to them: like friendships, consent, peer pressure around sex and sexuality, making good choices and connecting with their community, are topics regularly discussed with teens.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)


Young Adults

Many young adults embrace this transition period and enjoy the time spent exploring possibilities for the future, obtaining higher education, and pursuing friendships and/or intimate relationships. Some young adults may find their entry into adult responsibilities overwhelming or confusing, though they may still enjoy the experience. This overwhelm and confusion, can be because of difficulties with peers, sexual or developmental concerns, school or career challenges and/or family differences.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

The Elderly and their Families/Carers

Throughout life there are often significant seasons when adjustments need to be made such as: changes in family dynamics, moving house, accepting support, transitioning into a care facility, retirement, navigating grief and loss, health issues and impairments. Counselling can help enhance your confidence in journeying though these seasons.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Man Holding Newborn


Every family has unique needs. Jamie has trained intensively to be specialised in parenting support. 
Triple P Courses Available:

Baby (Birth - 1 year)

Family Transitions (Co-parenting after seperation)

Fear-Less (Managing Anxiety)

Standard Stepping Stones (Parenting a Child with a disability)

Group Teen (make a personalised plan)

Group (Everything you want to know about Parenting)

Primary Care Stepping Stones

Primary Care Teen (Individual topics 12-18 year)

Primary Care (Specific topics 4-12 years)

Discussion Group Teen 12-18 years (4 common, popular topics)

Discussion Group 4-12 years (4 common, popular topics)

Seminar Series - Primary age , Teen or Children with Disabilities or Learning Impairments

​Large group, School & organisation presentations

Charges vary. Contact A Sharp Mindset for more information.

Couple in Love


All relationships are unique, often with their own challenges. As relationships evolve it is not uncommon for couples to feel overwhelmed when trying to balance a healthy relationship with everyday life.

As priorities change, such as personal interests, work, children, family and friends, a relationship may suffer from breakdowns in:

  • communication or understanding


  • physical intimacy or affection


  • attention or interest, including goals


  • care or respect.



No-one actually gets taught how to make a relationship work, so it isn't any wonder that we often don't know what to do when things start to fall apart. At A Sharp Mindset we use a combination of therapies, resources and courses to help couples find their way back to love creating true safety and security in the relationship.

*​The Marriage Course, Pre-Marriage Course, and Pre-Marriage counselling available

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Snowy Mountain Sunset

Faith and Spirituality 

Healing, and a feeling of personal wholeness only occur when the mind, body and spirit are in balance. Balancing them all is necessary for a happy and fulfilled life. In moments of crisis it can be beneficial for you to be vigilant in protecting that balance. All three are connected: the mind, body, and spirit. Weakness or imbalance in one of these can negatively affect the others. Some clients really enjoy experiencing their counselling within a christian framework. The ability to include God as part of your journey can be healing, empowering and strengthening. 

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Stones of Meaning


While counselling often focuses on the ‘here and now’ coaching can open up areas of future direction. Our world can be confusing and complicated, and we can often find ourselves stuck, locked or held back by something we don’t fully understand, yet.

Whether it’s individual development, business direction and growth, leadership improvement or career advancement you’re looking for, through Coaching you can explore:

•Difficult life experiences that feel like a cycle is repeating.

•Lack of career energy and direction

•Conflict or friction between your colleagues, friends or family

•Feelings of not reaching your full potential and wanting more out of Life in areas of business, leadership, relationships and career 


We employ a combination of resources and tools such as budgeting, narrative therapy, strengths based coaching and motivational interviewing to work together to achieve your goals.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Engagement Options

Explore Creatively with Personalised Care and Guidance



Drumming can be an incredible way to reconnect with the rhythm of life. It can be incorporated as a well-being, relaxation practice. Drumming together can also restore unity to couples and families.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)


Nature Walk and Talk

Sometimes face-to-face counselling can seem a little too intense. Consider some time in the garden to chat while you stop the busyness of life, breathe deeply and enjoy the surroundings.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)

Rock in Sand

Sand Play Therapy

Adults and children alike can find sand play therapy calming while talking or just sitting and exploring how you are feeling and expressing emotions. This can also include colouring in and storytelling.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and cost $150.

(Outside Hours / Emergency cost $200 per hour)


About Jamie Sharp

I’m a 49 year old family man with an amazing wife of 20 years. Together we have 3 wonderful children aged 23, 18 and 15. I’ve discovered through these years the value of investing in my marriage and being actively engaged in my

Children’s lives. On this side of the journey, those investments are paying off. 


While I believe I am very blessed, I’m not immune to trials. At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with cancer and while going through chemotherapy, I developed a cancer induced clot, which blocked my heart, then passed into my lung, causing substantial damage. Through this season I discovered the strength and peace from my faith,  and the benefits of relying on other supports to help navigate my journey of anxiety and fatigue to wellness. 


I’m described by others as being down to earth, caring and wise, (I agree with this mostly, however sometimes I have my doubts about the wise part, that’s why I’m keen for you to make your own decisions). 


I believe Counselling is best as relationship built on confidentiality, mutual respect and open communication, with the intention of helping people clarify and identify their problems and to find their own solutions. I am passionate about helping others.


As long as I can remember it’s been a natural pattern that people would open up to me discussing things from their lives and often finished with the words “I’m not sure why I just told you all that, but I’ve never spoken about it with anyone before. Thanks for listening.”


I consider it a great honour to build a connection with people where they feel safe to openly express their experiences and emotions in confidence and then be invited on the journey into the space where they find direction and hope. 


I really value love. I think love is an undervalued currency and commodity that often lacks in the world around us. I really hope for you to experience the caring, comforting, confidence, connection and sometimes correction that love brings. 


As part of this journey, if you laugh, I’ll laugh, and if you cry, which usually happens, I’ll usually cry too. That’s because I engage with your journey intensely and listen to you, hearing the emotion and feeling you express with empathy while seeking to understand what you’re really going through. 


Over the years, journeying with families through youth work, pastoral care  and school chaplaincy I believe the skills I’ve developed help me to understand each individuals unique experience.   This enhances the counselling services I offer. I really enjoy journeying with all people through their trials and testing to a place of success and health. 


One of my professional strengths which lines up with my ethical responsibility and value of integrity, is the ability to recognise when another service provider will be a better support than I will. But it doesn’t mean I don’t care or the journey with me has finished, often I’ll journey with you to your next support and beyond if it’s best for you. 


So why A Sharp Mindset? The name is a play on words which uses my surname. No you don’t have to think like me. I believe the logo, demonstrates my playful personality while communicating professionalism and purpose. The light bulb symbolises ideas, while reflecting my true belief that A Sharp Mindset is a Great Asset. When we are Sharp in mind, it often leads to better decisions and motivated actions towards desired outcomes.


As a client of A Sharp Mindset you can expect the best service I can offer every single session. I’m looking forward to meeting you and journeying with you to health, wholeness, wellness, confidence and success. 



Jamie Sharp. 

Contact Us

Cnr Tamborine and Merton Streets, Jimboomba QLD 4280.
PO Box 165, Jimboomba QLD 4280

0418 768 393

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Affiliated with ACA


We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land and waterways where we work, live and play. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as together we strive for understanding, unity and inclusiveness.

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